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General Information about the department
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1. General Information about the department (Summary about the milestones of the Department academic facilities, research facilities, staff, various courses and services provided by the department)

· The Department was established in August 1970

· MCh Training programme started in 1986 and continued till 1997

· Dept expanded in 2008, with addition of new faculty

· MCh training was restarted in 2009 with one candidate per year and intake increased to 3 per year in 2010

· All three seats are MCI recognized MCh seats

Sl No.
Prof. & HOD Dr.Anand Alladi
Associate Professor Dr.Raghu. S.R
Associate Professor Dr. Deepti  Vepakomma
Assistant professor Dr. Venkatesh. K. L
Consultant Dr.Kantaraju.S
Assistant Professor Vacant since August 2015, Recruitment in process
Assistant professor Dr Anjala Kumari

Department Clinical Facilities

The Department has 30 Beds in BMCRI Superspeciality Hospital(PMSSY) and 10 beds in Vanivilas Hospital. The patient care area has been made child friendly with philanthropic work by the Walt Disney foundation.

• The Department has a Neonatal Surgical ICU which has 7 open warmers, 5 Ventilators with multipara monitors, infusion and syringe pumps, 2 phototherapy units, etc.

Department Academic Facilities

The Department Seminar room is a full fledged class room with a teaching board, OHP, TV monitor and space for about 30 students. There is also a Department Library which has about 60 books including the latest edition of all the standard and advanced textbooks. In addition the Department also has journals and books in the Hospital library.

Dept seminar room/library pics

The Daily PG teaching program consists of, serially

• Seminars

• Operative techniques

• Case presentation.

• Journal Club.

• Grand Round

• Mortality meeting

• Clinical Pathological conference

• Guest lectures 

Equipments available

– Urodynamic equipment

– Laparoscopes

– Endoscopes

– Cystoscope and Resectoscope

– Bronchoscope-Rigid & Flexible

– Gastroscope & Colonoscope

– Harmonic scalpel

– Vessel sealing system

– Muscle stimulator

Services offered

Neonatal surgeries

Pediatric Neurosurgical surgeries

Pediatric Airway and Thoracic surgeries

Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Gastrointestinal surgeries

Minimally invasive surgery

Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic

Pediatric Surgical Oncology

Available Insurance Schemes

· Yeshaswini

· Vajpayee Arogyashree

· Suvarna Arogya scheme




Teaching faculty -one unit


Dr.Anand Alladi

MS (Gen Surg), 1993

MCh (Ped Surg), 1999

Prof & Head



MS(Gen Surg),1997

MCh(Ped Surg),2008

Associate Professor


Dr.Deepti Vepakomma

MS ( Gen Surg), 2001

MCh( Ped Surg), 2005

DNB( Ped Surg),2005

Associate Professor



MS(Gen Surg),2005

MCh(Ped  Surg), 2012

Assistant Prof



MS(Gen Surg),1976

MCh(Ped  Surg), 1989



Dr.Anjala Kumar

MS (Gen.Surg), , 2002


Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor post fell vacant in August 2015, recruitments in process

2. Other Staff

Sl. No
Dr.Darshan.A.M MCh PG
Dr.Rashmi Patil MCh PG
Dr.Apurva Bhaskar MCh PG
Dr.Nitin Kumar MCh PG
Dr. Aravind. VR MCh PG
Dr.Srinivas B Kulkarni MCh PG
Dr Praveena MCh PG
Mrs Madhumala Department Secretary

3. Academic Activities

Teaching programme

For the month of
Sl No
Journal club  
Guest lectures  
Case presentations  
Any others, specify.  
5(Ward special teaching rounds)1 CPC with Pathology monthly1 Mortality meet monthly
Treatment planning  

Research Activities

Research Projects—(ongoing and completed)

1) Comparision between EC and DTPA diuretic renogrms in evaluation of hydronephrosis(completetd,to be published)-Dr Venkatesh KL

2) Early oral feeding in lower intestinal anastomosis (Completed and Published)-Dr Mamatha/Dr Anand Alladi

3) Antibiotic prophylaxis in Paediatric surgery Ccompleted, to be published)-

4) Polyethylene glycol v/s saline in bowel preparation (Completed)-Dr Bahubali/Dr Anand Alladi

5) Bleomycin as Sclerotherapy for lymphangiomas (Completed)-Dr Paritosha/Dr Anand Alladi

6) Use of Umbilical cord clamp as an alternative to stapler in Modified Duhamel’s pull thrugh for Hirschsprung’s(Completed)-Dr Venkatachalapathy/Dr Anand Alladi

7) Nomogram for testis size in Indian children (Completed, to be published)-Dr Amit Jadhav/Dr Anand Alladi

8) Nomogram for Penile size in Indian children (Completed, to be published)-Dr Darshan/Dr Anand Alladi

9) Uroflowmetry in Hypospadias (on going) –Dr Venkatachalapathy

10) Effect of HCG on Expression of Growth factor,Androgen receptor and microvessel density in Hypospadias (Ongoinig)-Dr Anand Alladi

Research impact on patient care

All children with GI surgery are started on feeds within 24 hrs of surgery

— Lowers hospital stay

— Better patient and family satisfaction

— Both of the above significantly changing impact of finances of infrastructure and of family by early return to jobs of parents

Antibiotic prophylaxis - Single dose perioperative antibiotic

— Brings down cost to patient and hospital

— Prevents drug resistance

— Decreased drug related morbidity

— Decreases demand of work on nurses in an already manpower constrained, over loaded infrastructure

Publications of the faculty and students 2014, 2015

Department Publications From 2008- 2014

17 Articles published, National 15 & International 2

Department presentations of 2014, 2015

Post Graduates’ papers

• Total papers presented is 29 by 6 Pgs in annual conferences, both National and State 2008 to 2014

1) ”Tethered cord syndrome” in PesuCon Dec 2014 by Dr Nitin, MCh PG

2) ”Laparoscopic management of Morgagni Hernia” in PesuCon Dec 2014-by Dr Nitin, MCh PG

3) “Retroperitoneal Neurofibroma “in PesuCon Dec 2014-by Dr Rashmi Patil, MCh PG

4) “Neonatal Surgical Audit” in PesuCon Dec 2014-by Dr Venkatachalapathy, MCh PG

5) “Perieal Trauma” in PesuCon Dec 2014-by Dr Darshan, MCh PG

6) Role of Minimally Invasive Surgery in treatment of congenital lung lesions” in IAPSCON 2014,October-by Dr Amit Jadhav

7) “Aerodigestive Foreign bodies in Children” ” in IAPSCON 2014,October-by Dr Venkatachalapathy

8) “Liver and Splenic trauma-cotinued emphasis on non operative management -” in IAPSCON 2014,October-by Dr Venkatachalapathy

9) “Peptic Ulcer Disease in Children”- ” in IAPSCON 2014,October-by Dr Amit Jadhav

CME / Workshops conducted in 2014, 2015

Dept of Paediatric Surgery has been Organiing or Co-organising the annaual conferences of the State Chapter of the IAPS since 2008. This is in addition to hosting and organising the Bi monthly meetings of the Chapter.

Notice board

(Awards, achievements of students and faculty, new services)


· The Publication “Embryogeness and Types of Subcostal Hernia-a rare Entity” in Journal of Pediatric Surgery was a series of 4 cases accumulated in just 2 years of a pathology which to date had only 2 reported cases in world literatue. This was recognized by the London Dysmorphology and Neurogenetics database and included in the same.

The Publication of Complete Laparoscopic removal of Trichobezoar in a 4 year old was the Youngest child to date in the world to undergo complete laparoscopic removal of a trichobezoar

· Dr Deepti Vepakomma, Associate professor has been awarded the Travelling Fellowship to spend time in a Centre of Excellence in the USA/Europe by the World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons(WOFAPS)

· The Senior Faculty are regular Examiners in External Universities and Invited Faculty for CME and Workshops at State and National levels.

· The CHILDREN UROLOGY BOARD has been started from June 2015 where all children with Pediatric Urological problems and registered and followed up as a separate sub Specialty clinic on Wednesdays and Saturdays

· The Department carries out minimally invasive surgery across all age groups and subspecialties and include Laparoscopy surgeries, Thoracoscopic surgeries, Undo urology procedures, Neuroendoscopy, etc. Neonatal and infant MAS are also done and include Thoracoscopic lung resections in neonates and infants, infant and neonate laparoscopic surgeries like pyloric stenosis, diaphragmatic hernia repairs, cyst excisions etc.

· The department has one of the highest numbers of Spina bifida load in the state and is in the process of setting up a spinabfida-hydrocephalus clinic for holistic management of these patients

· The Department in collaboration with the Department of Pathology has managed to reach standardization of management of Hirschsprung’s disease with the setting up of Acetylcholinesterase immunohistochemistry in diagnosis of HSD

· The Department is the First state government Institute to have its own Urodynamic Equipment for exclusive Pediatric Urology patients and offers Urodynamic evaluation for both Institute and not institute referrals from all over the state

· The Department collaborated with the Department of Anatomy in setting up the Genetics lab, the only one in the state, in a Government set up.

Award winning Papers of Post Graduate Students

1st prize - “Intralesional Bleomycin” at IAPSCON November 2011 

2nd prize -“Koyanagi urethroplasty “ at PeSuCON January 2012

1st Prize – “Use of Umbilical clamp for Duhamel Procedure “ at PeSuCON January 2013

2nd Prize –”Tethered cord syndrome” in PesuCon Dec 2014

2nd Prize –”Laparoscopic management of Morgagni Hernia” in PesuCon Dec 2014

FUTURE projects

• To develop subspecialty clinics for Anorectal malformation and Hirschsprung’s disease

• To develop subspecialty clinics for Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus

• To collaborate with University abroad for exchange programs

• To further increase Research activities in

– Basic Science

– Animal studies

– Grants from central funding agencies

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