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General Information about the department


Dr. D.G.Benakappa established the department in Vani Vilas children’s Hospital.He joined the government of karnataka health and family welfare services as an Assistant Surgeon in 1956.At that time pediatricians were working in the medicine department of Victoria Hospital and Neonates were looked after by OBG department.His predecessors Dr. Sampath Loganathan and Dr. P.C.Bopaih, urged the young Dr. DGB to pursue higher studies in Pediatrics.So Dr. DGB left the Indian shores to study the speciality of pediatrics in UK and USA.He did his DCH and DTM in the world renowned Great ormand street hospital, London and Chicago Medical school in USA.

Philanthropist Dharma parayana Venkatamunaih setty lakshmidevamma donated and in the presence of his holiness Sri Krishnaraja wodeyar on March 8th 1935 Vani Vilas Children Hospital was inaugurated.It is such a coincidence that we celebrate March 8th as international Women’s day after theBeijing summit in 1995.

Dr.Benakappa after his return in 1963, with the blessing and support of his predecessors he started establishing the children’s hospital ably supported by the GOK and assisted by honorary consultantDr. Behanan ,Dr. chandrashekar , Dr. Hilda Koillipillaiand Dr. N.M. Thimmarayappa.

Thus the department was born.It has undergone several faces in phases, though the infrastructure being a heritage building has remained the same.

The New children block was inaugurated on 10-12-1964 by S. Nijalingappa , CM of Mysoreand Dr. K. Nagappa Alva minister of Health.

The OPD which was housed in Victoria hospital complex was moved to an independent children OPD (now demolished and gave way for construction of PG ladies hostel), later the place become Radiodiagnosis centre, thus the OPD was shifted to SR block, to move to the current OPD block in 1st floor on 17-11-2011.Simultaneously the inpatient department started functioning.

The entrance of the hospital then was the one facing the SR block.Left hand side of the entrance was pediatric casualty medicine while the right hand side was doctor’s longue andpantry.

The area below the dome was reception with pediatric 2nd unit (current B cabin of PICU) on left side.Right side was the pediatric seminar hall (current PICU).The corridor next to pediatric 2nd unit was Gastroenteritis ward for rehydration.The ward opposite was GE ward and an area next to it was the place where ORS ingredients were weighed in a physical balance and prepared.It also served as a special ward to VIP patient with diarrhea.Moving on the currently relieving ward, thalassemia ward and adjoining corridor were emergency ward,treatment and procedure area.

The current ‘B’ unit was called third ward those days and belonged to 1st unit chief that is Dr.DGB.I took over that ward when I became a professor in April 2006.

The rooms in the adjoining corridor were for Prof and HOD of pediatric surgery(senior PG’s room) next to it was lady doctors room (currently male faculty room).In the same row was the prof and HOD of pediatric room (currently housing senior female doctor) the room between them was the procedure room.The room next to the lady doctor’s room was the HOD’s PA room.Next to it was the side lab.The current male PG’sroom was called the cubicles which served as a special ward - those days forministers, bearcats, MLA and MP’s children and grand children were brought to VVCH.The last room in the ground floor housed the department library.

In the first floor pneumonet room was the post operative ward and the adjoining wards housed the 2nd unit.While the second floor was the department of paediatric surgery, OT and surgical neonates.Currently housing NRC, A unit and Nephro ward.

The story of neonatology

Till 1954, the subject of pediatrics was neglected and much more so neonatology.A post of associate professor of pediatric was created at Bangalore Medical Collageduring the year 1963 for the first time based on BHATIA commission report.

In the 1964’s there was no neonatology unit, neonates were under the care of the obstetricians.

In 1967 the premature baby ward was started with 6 beds for babies weighing less than 4 ½ pounds were admitted here.

With the help of Dr. Ratna Bai Morey, the then superintendent of VVH established 18 bedded neonatal ward was created along with nurses.This was the second neonatal ward in the state.The first being in Mangalore.The unit consisted of 6 sorento cots for premature babies and 18 beds for neonates and there mothers .The only way neonates were managed was by electric heaters and asepsis .

After the visit of Dr. Byle Corner Neonatologist from UK the unit was upgraded. Neonatal division consists of emergency neonatal ward(which houses the doctors duty room and adjoining room), premature baby ward and neonatolgy ward.Only two drugs crystalline penicillin and kanamycin were available to treat infection.

In the year 1986, WHO gifted equipments to the neonatal ward when DR.DGB was superintendent of VVH.

Simultaneously the division of neonatology was established from a clean premature ward(current KMC and annex), sick premature ward and sick neonatal ward to the current 12 bedded inborn, 12 bedded outborn and18 bedded high dependent NICU. Newborn OPD , Lactation clinic was started by Dr.Asha Benakappa in 1992 and KMC ward in Jan 2010.

Retinopathy Of Prematurity (ROP) was stared on 18-08-2012

Oto Acoustic Emission (OEA)was started on Oct 2013.

New Born Screening for inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM) was started on May 2014.

High Dependent NICU was started on 24-04-2012

Renovated Inborn and Out born division of NICU was started on 24-04-2012

UNICEF sick new born case sheet was introduced on 30-10-2014.

Credit of developing NICU (Level 3) and PICU case sheets.


In 1954, late Dr. Sampath Loganathan was posted as the first pediatrician of Vani vilas hospital who became an Associate professor.In 1957 undergraduate training programme was started.

Late DR.P.C.Bopaiah took charge as prof and HOD of pediatrics.

The PG courses, DCH was started during the year 1968, with four students Dr. Jayaprakash, Dr.Vijayadeva, Dr. Kamalakshappa and Dr.Kasturi who were fondly called as Jaya, Vijaya, Kamala and Kasturi by Dr. Benakappa.

Dr.Malathi yeshawanth Asst Prof of pediatrics was posted to neonatal unit in 1971.MD course was started in 1972 with four seats, the first four were Dr. Kasturi, Dr. Gangadharappa, Dr. Syed Yakook and Dr. Bhavani Venkatesh.Since there was not sufficient infrastructure, post graduates were posted for aperiod of three months to institute of child health, Madras.

Late Dr. H. Manohar who was trained in European countries was posted as Prof of neonatology in 1975.From 1980 onwards there was a leap in the development of neonatology with the visit of Prof. D. Vidyasagar form University Of Illinois , Chicago.Not only he donated , but also helped in overseas training.

Dr. DGB was trained n 1987, while Dr. Asha Benakappa underwent leadership training in Neonatoly in 1989.Regular visits from overseas neonatologists Dr. Rama Bhat, Dr. Tonse Raju and Rajam Ramamurthy (herself a alumni of BMC and student of DGB) extraordinary progress was made.

The current IAP- BPS took its birth in the Pediatric Seminar room of Vani Vilas Children’s hospital. The department was known for conducting continuing programmes worshops and conferences.

The ORT centre was recognized at National level and was designated as INHO ORT training centre for control of diarrhoed diseases.

2. Teaching faculty

Dr. Mallesh. K MBBS, MD Professor & HOD
Dr. Sahana Devadas MBBS, MD Professor
Dr. Lakshmi M MBBS, MD Professor
Dr. Dhanalakshmi. K MBBS, MD Associate Professor
Dr. Vijaylaxmi Gagandeep MBBS, MD Associate Professor
Dr. Gayathri Devi. C MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Chikkanarasa Reddy.P.S MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Anjana Murthy. K MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Dakshayani. B MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Anil Kumar. H MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Shivaprakash S.C. MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Shushma Viranna Sajjan MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Anitha K. MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Kalpana R.Y. MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Ravichandra K.R MBBS, MD Assistant Professor
Dr. Shilpa K.L. MBBS, MD Assistant Professor

3. Non teaching faculty

Dr. Gangadharaiah. S.V MBBS, DCH ICMO
Dr. Shivanna MBBS, DCH ICMO
Dr. Suresh.M. N. K MBBS, DCH ICMO
Dr. Sujatha MBBS, DCH ICMO
Ms. Jayalakshmi. T Data Entry Operator
Ms. Sukanya. G Physiotherapist

4. Services(pls include specialty clinics, outreach programmes, any other services etc.)



Specialty clinics

5. Academic Activities

Teaching programme

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Seminars Every Wednesday in month (04)
Journal club Every Friday in month (04)
Guest lectures -
Case presentations Every Tuesday and Thursday in month (08)
Any others, specify. Case Report Every Friday in month (04)

Research Activities

Research Projects—(ongoing and completed)

Sl no
Title of the project
Name & Designation of the Principal investigator
Assessment of injection practices in India senior investigator (2002-2003).India CLEAN program education network Dr. Asha Benakappa , Professor of Pediatrics
Investigator, Pan-Asia Epidemiologic surveillance Network to Assess The Burden Of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease project feb.2009 tofeb2011 Dr. Asha Benakappa , Professor of Pediatrics
Study of existing staffing of Labour Ward nurses with specific reference to their role as “Birth Attendants” Project for Diploma in Hospital and Health management(IGNOU 2007) Dr. Asha Benakappa , Professor of Pediatrics
A multicentric randomized single blind trial to compare the immunogenicity and safety of indigenously developed Hib(Liq) Conjugate Vaccine with Act Hib(Lyophilized) and Hiberix(Lyophilized) Indian subjects Nov-2006 Dr. Asha Benakappa , Professor of Pediatrics

Publicationsof the faculty and students 2014, 2015

Publication in Vancouver style
National/ International
Dr.Arun Kumar and Dr.Asha Benakappa.not just cerebral palsy:Diastrophic Dysplasia presenting as spastic quqdriparesis. The Journal of PediatricsJune2014 vol164.no.6.pages1493-1494.www.jpeds.com International
Kamble Arati,nagarathnamma and Asha Benakappa Neonatal Septicaemia:Bacterilogical profile and antibiogram with special reference to drug resistance.International Journal of recent scientific research vol.5 issue 2pp522-526 February 2014. International
Kamble Arati,Nagaratanamma and AshaBenakappa comparative Evaluation of Blood Culture Estimation of Immunoglobulin M(IgM) and C-reactive protein(crp) Detection in the diagnosis of neonatal sepsis International Journal of current research vol6.issue02pp5094-5097 February 2014. International
.Vivan Praveen, Sahana Devadas and Asha Benakappa Invitro Presentation of complete Atrioventricular block-not always neonatal lupus British Biomedical Bulletin Mansucript IDBBB600185 2014s International
A Arunkumar,I Vivian Praveen,HV PrajwalaandAsha Benakappa Disseminated cysticercosis in a child: a rare occurrence presenting as meningitis BMC Infectious Diseases 2014 14 (Supplement 3) Page-49 International
Juvenile Dermatomyositis in an Indian girl: a rare condition in childhood – ACase Report-British biomedical Bulletin , Neha Chowdhary,Asha Benakappa, Ramesh, Dakshayani (In press) International
Graves’ Disease: Uncommon Condition in Males in Paediatric Age Group – A Case Report’ British biomedical Bulletin , Neha Chowdhary,Asha Benakappa, Dakshayani (accepted) International
current status of NICU”S in India,contributer Indian Journal Of Paediatrics June 15th 2014. Dr. Asha Benakappa National
Multiple Segmental Hemangiomas Over One Half of the Body - A Rare Feature of PHACES Syndrome. Indian J Pediatr.2015 May 8. [Epub ahead of print] Dakshayani B1,Benakappa A National
International Journal of Scientific and research publication volume 3, issue 7 , July 2013. – ISSN 2250-3153 Temporal changes of CD4 count of HIV infected children using curve fitting models: Dr. Prakash. J International
International Journal of general medicine and Pharmacy (IJGMP) , ISSN (print 2319- 399, ISSN (online): 2319-4006. Dermatological Complications and effect of heart among HIV infected children’s – experienced in tertiary care hospitals in Bangalore city. Dr. Prakash. J International
Association of preterm deliveries & placental pathology with
neonatal outcome. An Indian prospective observational study.
Anjana Murthy K, Somashekar S A, Chikkanarasa Reddy P S, Gayathri devi C, Basavarajaih D M
International Journal of General Medicine and Pharmacy (IJGMP), ISSN 2319-3999 .Vol 2, issue $, Sep 2013, 27-36 @ IASET

Kimuras Disease, a rare cause of lymphadenopathy.
Chikkanarasa Reddy P S, Sarala Sabhapathy, Mohan Kumar, Anitha, Gayathri Devi
international Journal of General Medicine and Pharmacy (IJGMP), ISSN 2319-3999. Vol 2, issue $, Sep 2013, 65-68 @ IASET
D- Penicillanine induced Nephrotic syndrome in 11 yrs old girl with Wilson disease: Case report. (Indian J.Pharm Biol. Res 2013; 1(4): 113-115). Dr. Anil Kumar
Ulceratie colites in 17yrs old girl masquerading as severe anemia: Case report. (Indian J. Pharm, Biol, Res 2013, 1 (4): 119-121). Dr. Anil Kumar
Intravenous CYclophoshamide theapy is dependent nephritic syndrome: An Indian Scenarios (Poster presentation : ISPNCON 2013, St John Medical College). Dr. Anil Kumar
Assessment of drug utilization in hospitalized children at a tertiarycare teaching hospitalVishwanath M.1, Narayana Reddy S.1 and Sahana Devadas2 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2014, 6(2):592-598 International
ADC Online First, published on June 12, 2014 as 10.1136/archdischild-2013-305740Can we distinguish pneumonia from wheezy diseases in tachypnoeic children under low-resource conditions? A prospective observational study in four Indian hospitals3 Devdas Sahana,5 Belvadi Gangadhar
Neonatal Supraventricular Tachycardia – Not uncommon; yet often unrecognized. British Biomedical Bulletin.Shereene Dhanesh, Sahana Devadas and Gangadhar B Belavadi International

Conference presentationsof 2014, 2015

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Title of the presentation
Details of the conference
Name & Designation of the Presenter

Dissertations for 2014, 2015

Name of the student
Name of the guide

CME / Workshopsconductedin 2014, 2015

Sl.no Title Date Level (regional/national/ international Credit points

Conferencesconducted in 2014, 2015

Sl.no Title Date Level (regional/national/ international Credit points

6. Notice board

(Awards, achievements of students and faculty, new services)

Ceritificate of Recognition for the status of Platinum Partner

Dr. Asha Benakappa

1 Ministry of education and social welfare ,Government of India awarded in recognition of the high position secured in the list of meritorious candidates from Karnataka-1974-75

2. 3rd Rank in 1st MBBS examination Karnataka University.

3. 2nd Rank in final MBBS Bangalore University.

4. Padma Bushana Dr.M.C.Modi Gold medal.

5. Rajasevasakta Dr. B.K.Narayana Rao Gold Medal.

6. As a City Coordinator responsible for making 32 BMP Maternity Corporation Hospitals, as “UNICEF CERTIFIED Baby Friendly Hospitals” 06.11.1995.

7. Recipient of Seed Grant 2001 strenghting breast feeding at grass root level in South Asia as part of GIFA/IBFAN project with the Netherlands ministry of development and co operation (DGIS).

8. Recipient of World Breast feeding week city branch award 2001.National BPNI.

9. WBW city coordinator award 2002 National BPNI.

10. Dr. Nirmala Kesaree award for the paper “How (un)safe are our injection practices” community pediatrics state Pedicon 2003.

11. WBW Best district branch award 2003 National BPNI .

12. WBW Lactation helpline best NGO 2004 National BPNI.

13. WBW Best branch award 2005 National BPNI.

14. WBW Lactation helpline best NGO 2006 National BPNI.

15. WBW Lactation helpline best NGO-2007 National BPNI.

16. FIAP(Fellow Of the Indian Academy Of Pediatrics) highest national award from Indian academy of pediatrics - Jan. 2007.

17. Felicitated by Lion’s Club- Bangalore West on 27.08.2008.

18. Felicitated by Justice N.Santhosh Hegde all India Lioness Conference 27.08.2008 for the yeomen service in the field of Pediatrics..

19. Deccan Chronicie July 1st on Doctor’s Day 2009 selected as one of the five Best Doctors of the City.

20. Won the World Breastfeeding Week Photo Contest Award from WABA-2009.

21. Felicitated by Lions Club-International on 5th Feb-2012.

22. Doordarshan Chandana Award-2012 on 16,11,2012 for Significant Contribution rendered in Health. (One of the Navaratna’s)

23. Listed in “Who’s Who of WABA General Assembly.

24. Felicitation by IAP-BPS- 27/01/13 for contribution to paediatrics.

25. Janashri TV channel did a 15 minute documentary on my achievements in breast feeding-8/04/13.

26. Sadhakara Series- AIR talk -23/08/13

27. Medical service centre-Kannada Bhavana-25/08/13-talk on rural service for UG and PG.

28. Felicitation at Nuggehalli,Hassan district-11/10/13 as Balasanjeevini

29.Nammabengaluru awards Finalist category media individual March 15 ,2014freedom park.

30.March 25th2014 felicitated at banquet hall vidhana soudha by governer H.Bharadwaraj karanataka government employees association

31.karnataka sangha shivamogga conferred Dr.Chandrappa Gowda award for my book ‘Antakarana” at karanataka sangha shivamogga on july 5th 2014

32. Lioness lalithagiri branch 9th july 2014 honored Dr. Asha Benakappa for doctors day at suchithra flim society

33.World breastfeeding week award 2014,individual category from Breastfeeding promation network of India Nov5th2014

34.Felicitated at Vydehi institute of medical sciences and research centre 14.11.14.’Guruvandhana”

35.Prathibha shri award on7.12.14,30th anniversary celebration of shesha mahaganapathi mahila sangha

36. HARIVU a film based on a true story written in my coloumn Antakarna, won the 62nd national film award for the best future film in kannada 2015


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